Miss Hanging Out With Your Friends Try These Online Multiplayer Games

Miss Hanging Out With Your Friends Try These Online Multiplayer Games

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, staying-at-home policy causes our boredom to run wild. And the worst part is you can’t meet your friends all the time like normal, and time flows until we realize it has been almost a year since you met them. Sure, we are living in an advanced technology era where smartphones are chat rooms are there for us to communicate with each other (plus, it is a safer bet than letting the risk of widespread infection get the best of us), it is just that the feeling is not the same as meeting physically. It feels like a barrier and we would not know how the other person has been doing. Imagine you’re telling a really exciting story or a really bad pun but the timing is just slow, either from your friends or your slow internet connection. Nevertheless, you might need keyword Time fibreto fix that!

If you feel lonely and need that real time interaction with your friends, invite them to the gamer crowd! Because here are Time fibre home broadband Malaysia or co-op games you can play live with them:

Genshin Impact

How could you not try out this ‘IPhone Game of the Year’ with an award-winning title? This free-to-play action role-playing game (RPG) is the best of the best in 2020 and lit up the stay-at-homers’ lives with its fantastic graphics, immersive storyline, likeable characters and, of course, online multiplayer feature! You can solve puzzles, fight ancient machines and monsters, and explore the wonderful realm of Teyvat. Had a hard time defeating the bosses or encountered difficulties in completing the puzzle? Call your friends over to your world!

To achieve access for co-op gaming, you need to level out your Adventure Rank to level 16 (or AR16, as us Genshin-ers call it) to be able to play with your friends together, as long as your World Level is the same as them. Oh, and also, your Time internet plan Malaysia for that smooth gameplay without lags.


Do you like on the spot strategy acting? Valorant is a free-to-play, multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter where you are fighting 5v5 (5 players versus 5 players). There are two teams – one team attacks whereas another team defends. The attacking team plants a bomb (we call it spike) and have it detonate, and the defensive team must avoid that from happening. The thrill of battle can really refresh you to keep your brain working for genius planning.


If you need that good scare, this scary game is just for you! Phasmophobia is an indie co-op psychological horror game which you and your friends are playing as a team of paranormal investigators where all of you have to explore haunted locations filled with paranormal activities. One wrong step and you might die by the hands of the evil spirits.

So what are you waiting for? Set your own fibre package and call your friends to hop into the games for online meet-ups without seeing eye-to-eye!