Gambling in the modern era

Gambling has been a popular side activity that even teenagers are familiar with. Casinos are built to help gamblers to satisfy their needs while under the supervision of the authorities to regulate their gambling habits while preventing gamblers from spending too much in one visit. Although it is mostly frowned upon by most people because of how it can morally corrupt an individual, it actually benefits the country economically as they would provide business and employment opportunities by becoming a one of the biggest attractions for tourists to visit.  

With the recent state of the world, everyone is locking themselves down in their home due to the rising threat of the coronavirus spreading across the world rapidly. Many businesses are forced to close their doors to abide by the standard operating procedure (SOP) to curb the cases and employees are either forced to work from home or let go by their employers. Because of that, many workers and businesses are financially struggling to generate income and maintain their business while adapting to the new lifestyle. Casinos are no exceptions and they are one of the most affected businesses as they rely on gamblers to visit their on-site locations to generate income and have to pay a huge amount of money for tax which the amount can be different for certain countries. 

However, the advancement of technology allows businesses to continue as usual albeit at a lesser efficiency due to multiple meetings are required to be held through online and lesser work force in the office. Casinos adapt by developing a website and applications on iOS and Android to provide online gambling services to allow their members to gamble at the comfort of their home. Through online, gamblers are able to have a much easier access to the casinos’ services through a computer or smartphone at their homes or other locations which enables gamblers to waste their money during their breaks or their free time. Because of how convenient online casinos are, more people are attracted to gambling even though they do not gamble as much as hardcore gamblers. This would also eventually lead to teenagers and uneducated children who play on their parents’ tablets and smartphones to be unknowingly exposed to these online gambling games due to the apps and websites being free and have little to no security. 

In Islamic countries, gambling is forbidden as they are strictly abiding the teachings of the Quran which forbids Muslims from participating in any activity that involves receiving income through illegal activities like gambling. Therefore, the Sharia law is created to heavily punish Muslim offenders for participating in gambling. But for some Islamic countries like Malaysia that consists of multiple races are not completely affected by the Sharia law which led to the development of Casino de Genting, the only legalized casino Malaysia has until this day. Consequently, this would also entice some Muslims in Malaysia to participate in gambling activities as well in more discreet ways.

Although gambling is immoral, some races like Chinese enjoy gambling on certain occasions like Chinese New Year as they are able to indulge themselves while bonding with their family members that even children can have some fun in gambling if they are well-mediated by the adults.

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