Choosing The Best Investment In Condo For Sale In Cheras

Under the word “home”, many of us imagine a cozy house with a garden and geraniums behind the windows. Maybe you are still in the process of searching, or you have already discovered your dream property. However, before you start signing the purchase contract, find out some necessary information. However, the purchase of a house is also associated with certain pitfalls, which the future buyer should be careful about. So what to check when buying a property condo for sale Cheras?

Living in Family Houses In The Leads

Statistics show that 50% of Czechs take out a mortgage on a family house, while 40% take out a mortgage on an apartment. No wonder – the house offers more space, privacy and often a garden plot belongs to it. Even in the current situation, where many people are worried about the economic situation, Czechs are not afraid to buy real estate. But what to look out for when buying a Cheras property for sale?

Spatial Plan

While apartment buildings are mostly located in densely built-up areas, where there is not much space for other buildings, family houses are often located in villages, on the outskirts of cities or in less busy parts of the city. It pays to look at the zoning plans and find out what the zoning plans in this area are in the future, i.e. whether a highway, a production hall or another disturbing element will not grow behind the fence shortly after moving in.

Technical Condition Of The Building

During the tour, focus not only on whether you feel good in the house, but also on the technical parameters. Pay attention to certain guidelines that will tell you what condition the property is in. Check the walls for cracks. These are a common sign in new buildings that the building is sitting in the ground, and this is a normal condition. However, in older buildings, they are a signal that the building has problems with statics.

The indicator of the health of the house is mainly the cellar and the attic . In the basement you will find out if the house is bothered by moisture. In the attic, you can check the condition of the beams and roof tiles.

Legal Aspects Of Buying A House

It is important to find out whether the property is not legally burdened, i.e whether encumbrances and liens do not apply to it . The easements of energy suppliers are not a defect for the buyer, a worse situation occurs with the easement of the survival of a third party. In the case of such property, the third party has the right to reside in the property until his death. In addition, you cannot take out a mortgage on such a property, because the bank will have trouble taking it as collateral. You can find information on easements in the real estate for Cheras Property and even Sunway Damansara. Before buying, it is advisable to agree with the seller on the removal of this type of burden.

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